Weighing the Pros and Cons of Individual and Teamwork

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June 17, 2020
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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Individual and Teamwork

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, most of us are embracing the new normal, and it includes working from our homes. However, some of us think that working from home means working just by yourself. Do you know that you can still work with a team even inside your home? There are lots of ways on how to communicate with your teammates. Is everything possible now with the help of technology, right?


According to Alari Aho, “For People who want to advance faster in their careers, working in a team is the best way of learning more” however, let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of working in a team, and I’ll let you decide which works better for you.


  1. Two heads are better than One



Working in a team increases work efficiency. All of us have different talents, ideas, and expertise, and it’s incredible how people can learn from each other and get things done. Brainstorming maximizes the circle of options we can choose from and can decide which one suits better in the project you’re working on.



Yes, the more, the merrier but more people mean more conflict. Different perspectives, upbringing, and culture can annoy us sometimes. People tend to crash if we have different points of view on a subject. We hate it when people don’t agree with us. But if you work alone, No idea is a bad idea as they say.


  1. Workload



Working in a team means that the workload will be distributed to each member, thus less work. Delegating tasks is very useful, especially when you have a timeline to follow. On the other hand, micro and growing companies need a small team. Entrepreneurs, Realtors, and brokers are some of the examples. You need 1 to 3 members in your group you can rely on to clean your email, getting your phone calls or tracking your expenses and revenue and get back doing what you love. Getting Virtual Assistants is a smart move since Virtual Assistants rates are way less but with the same work quality as a PA.



 I know you already worked with someone who slacks off and doesn’t cooperate. Having this type of person around is frustrating, especially when the project you are working on is significant, and you see people who don’t seem to show the project importance as you do. 


  1. Influence



They say tell me who your friends are and I’ll let you know who you are. It’s easy to copy the attitude and practices of people who closely work with us. Being around people will help you by imitating their best practices to improve your skills through constructive criticism, and motivate you to do your best in an assignment. 



Humans are like a sponge; it’s easy for us to imitate good qualities and not the right conditions. If you see some of your coworkers who neglect to do their responsibilities and get away with it, it’s tempting to do it. But you know you shouldn’t.


Many of us prefer working in a team than working alone. It is indeed understandable since having a helping hand can make things done faster and easier. However, teamwork is about doing our best to help each other. Meaning, making things work within a team needs a lot of cooperation and patience. 

Here at The VA Hub, make sure to do your work from home career fun, engaging, and at the same time, PRODUCTIVE! We offer FREE training sessions for qualified candidates who can be at their best; at working on their own and being a part of a team.

Join us now and prepare to be the new version of yourself. Remember this quote by John Assaraf, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”


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Contributor: Elisha Pascua

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