Transitioning to a home-based job

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October 7, 2020
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November 9, 2020

Transitioning to a home-based job

For these past few years, Filipinos have been dreaming about getting to work while avoiding traffic. Before, the option is to find a job near our homes, one jeepney ride, or even walking distance if possible. 

And then came work-from-home jobs. Now you can work within the four corners of your home with just a computer or laptop, internet connection, and other tools that you need to use. 


Here are some tips that might help you transition from a corporate job to working from home. 


Acquiring the proper hardware

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It doesn’t need to be an expensive laptop or desktop. These days, the most common system requirements are Intel core I3 7th gen processor, 4GB Ram, and 1TB of HDD. A computer with these specifications might cost you above 15,000 Php. If brand new, and below 15k for pre-loved. If really out of budget, then we might need to talk to our friendly loan sharks.

For some virtual assistant companies, computer specifications requirements don’t need to be that complicated. Here at The VA Hub, we make sure that getting permanent work from home jobs will not hurt your pockets that much. Below is the list of the system requirements that you need to start working with us.


  • Processor: Any processor with 2.0 GHz clock speed or higher
  • Memory: 4GB RAM or higher


  • Internet Speed: 3 Mbps plan or higher with 2.5 Mbps running speed
  • Broadband Connection types accepted: DSL, Cable Modem, or Fiber


  • Over-the-ear headset with a retractable noise-reduction microphone.
  • In-ear headsets (like the ones that come with your phone) are not allowed.


  • HD / Clear Webcam (360p or higher pixel density)
  • Built-in webcams with 360p or higher pixel density are allowed.



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Filipinos have a strong family relationship, resulting in the extended family living together under the same roof. This set-up usually means chaos but is also full of love. However, this environment also comes with many distractions, which is not ideal for someone who needs to focus on working. Dedicated working space can be one of the best solutions, but nothing beats good communication and lets your family know that you need to focus on your job.


Roosters and background noise

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Investing in the right quality equipment is a must, especially if your job involves calling clients. A good noise-cancelling headset is one of the best options. However, you still have other resources to turn to; there are noise-cancelling applications available on the internet for you to download like Krisp

Other than the predicaments mentioned above, the first question you need to answer is to get a client to give you a job. Another thing is to get the training you need to hone the essential skills in completing your tasks.


The VA Hub is a virtual assistant agency that gives permanent work from home jobs to Filipinos. The VA Hub’s core mission and promise are to provide world-class virtual assistance to business owners and start-up companies. The VA Hub will give you extensive training to acquire the skills needed to deliver the same promise to their clients.

Virtual assistant rates differ for each outsourcing company. The VA Hub offers the highest rates to make sure that their VAs are paid well and get what they deserve for providing world-class service.


Take a chance and be part of our growing team.


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Contributor: Mac Jor-el Delaguiado