Objection Handling Tips for New Sales Agents

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Prospecting for new clients is one of the tasks that every sales agent needs to master in order to be successful. This is that foot-in-the-door moment. And just like being in front of an actual door, your customer will decide on whether you enter or if they will just shut the door to your face. Depending on how you tackle the “No!” statement in the sales industry can distinguish if you’re an effective sales agent or an amateur that will fold in the pressure or in a more professional way, your objection handling skills.

Your job starts when the client says “No!”

Here are a few tips that will help a new agent handle objections in any type of industry:



Pay Attention!

When the customer starts dishing out objections, they will always have reasons as to why they are denying your products or services. These may be due to not having full knowledge of the product, a price issue, a bad experience in the past, or even just not having the need of it at the moment. Pay attention to these reasons because you will be formulating your “counter” based on these objections.

Put yourself in their shoes and dig deeper

Don’t sound like your only there for the sale. Be sensitive and acknowledge the reasons for their objections. Ease into your client and understand why they feel that way towards your products or services. Ask questions and find “soft spots” so that you can steer the conversation back to your advantage. The more information you have the better. I personally call this the “punching bag” stage since they will be throwing all possible reasons for their objections and you will just be listening, empathizing and asking open-ended questions.

Anticipate objections but don’t sound scripted

You can actually practice common objection handling scripts available online. But make sure that you do not sound too scripted. The last thing an objecting prospect would want to hear is a sales agent talking like a robot.  Sound conversational and connect with your prospect. Mix it up and throw in some small talk in there.

Be confident!

Remember a time when you were sold something by an agent and he sounded like he was about to piss their pants? Would you really be interested in what they have to say when their voice is trembling? When you dish out your counter for their objections, make sure that you sound firm and stand by every word you say. A firm handshake, eye contact, and a confident tone of voice can go a long way. Confidence is key but make sure you don’t sound arrogant.

Handling objections is always a challenge but it is always up to you on how you tackle them. If you feel like you already mastered the art of persuasion or have a knack for objection handling and prospecting clients, visit http://www.thevahub.com and get paid to do so.

Contributor: Jacquelyn Cabrera