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Step 1

Apply Online

Interested applicants may sign up online.

Step 2

Email Invite

Once our Recruitment Team receives your submission, you will receive an email invite from for an initial interview after 1-7 working days.

Step 3

Initial Interview

After receiving the email invite, you will then continue with the Initial Interview.

Step 4

Final Interview

After passing the Initial Interview, you will be scheduled for a Final Interview.

Step 5


Once you pass the Final Interview, you will receive the Pre-Orientation instructions and schedule via email.

Step 6

Training Schedule

After the Pre-Orientation, you will then receive your Training schedule. On Day 1 of Training, your trainer will conduct a profiling interview which is the final step of the Recruitment process.


The VA Hub is home to successful virtual assistants who continuously show potential,  effectiveness, and commitment to helping their future clients grow their businesses. If you think you’ve got these skills then let’s connect!

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Our clients are based in North America and Canada and they rely on their VAs to fluently communicate with their clients/customers to fulfill tasks like setting appointments, responding to emails, cold calling and so much more!

Robust Technical skills

Being tech-savvy helps our VAs become better at multitasking which leads to higher productivity and healthier time management that benefits both our VAs and their clients.

A "can-do" attitude

Our VAs are very positive about their ability to achieve success. You must take initiative and be confident in dealing with challenges and new tasks.

The ability to follow directions

Since most of our clients are always busy, our successful VAs are those who require minimal supervision and ask for clarification only when necessary, like after maximizing all available resources.

Great Analytical Skills

Our VAs can envision, communicate, and solve simple and complex problems using critical thinking. Critical thinking is essential in making strong decisions that benefit your client and your team.


All system requirements will be checked during the recruitment process.


At least Intel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen series processor with 8GB RAM or Higher

Internet Connection

Internet Speed: 10mbps plan or higher


HD / Clear Webcam (360p or higher pixel density) Built-in webcams with 360p or higher pixel density are allowed.


Over-the-ear headset with a retractable noise-reduction microphone. In-ear headsets (like the ones that come with your phone) are not allowed.


Specialized Training and Assessments Provided

Real Estate

Training Overview


Training Overview

Product Sales

Training Overview


Training Overview


The VA Hub operates online.
Go to the Podio link in the description, enter all required information and attach your CV, Portfolio or video introduction.
If you do not find the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. AVOID MAKING MULTIPLE SIGNUPS. Sometimes it can take a little while for emails to get through. If it has been more than 5 days and you still haven’t received it, send us your email address and date of application. We will check and get back to you as soon as we can.
We recommend waiting 3 months before reapplying, or enough time for changes/improvements in your situation to occur.
Training will be online, 11PM-8AM, Monday-Friday Manila time, and conducted classroom-style.
Yes. You will be given a training bonus which will be released after you have been hired by a client.
Yes. Send us a message at least 24 hours before your appointment. You may only reschedule 1 time throughout the entire recruitment process. Please note that we implement 1-day hiring process so we highly recommend that you finish all the stages.

Yes, we are constantly in need of part-time VAs to endorse. Part-timers are required to work at least 20 hrs per week.

We also require successfully hired applicants to undergo training with a fixed schedule on Mondays to Fridays, from 11 PM to 8 AM MNL Time.

We will endorse you to a part-time client for interviews after you have completed the training.

The VA Hub will equip you with industry skills training as it is important to establish a marketable profile with outstanding credentials. Your ability to be hired will depend ultimately on the level of quality of your CV and VA Profile.
Your benefits are as follows:
  1. Annual Increase – i increased hourly rate every year after the 1st year with a client
  2. Leave Credits – 10 paid leave credits every year after the 1st year with a client
  • All company benefits are only applicable to HIRED FULL-TIME VAs
  • Benefits will only be granted to VAs with SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE (attendance, behavior, and output) based on their supervisor’s AND client’s assessment.

Please send an email to about scheduling another appointment for the application process.

Yes and it’s free!

Yes. Virtual Assistant experience is not a requirement. 

Yes. The VA Hub offers permanent work-from-home careers. 

Yes, we do. You need to have finished at least 2nd-year college to qualify. However, we also welcome high school graduates and college undergrads with prior working experience in any field.

Your resume and a working computer, over-the-ear headset, and a web camera. Having a professional portfolio is also great, but that’s optional.

Send us a message using the chat box below if you encountered an issue. You can also email us at

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