Skill Qualifications

Skill Qualifications

The VA Hub is home to successful virtual assistants who showed promise in effectively helping their future clients grow their business and demonstrated high trainability and diversity in skill during Recruitment and Training. You'd definitely belong if you possess:

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Our clients are based in North America and they rely on their VAs to collaborate with their clients/customers. Our VAs leverage their strong communication skills for customer-oriented tasks, closing appointments, or email management.

A "can-do" attitude

Our VAs are very positive about their ability to achieve success. You must be confident and willing to deal with challenges and new tasks.

Robust Technical skills

Being tech savvy helps our VAs become better at multitasking even in a challenging or complex role. The ability to optimize technology-based systems aids in being more productive and makes you more valuable to your future clients.

Great Analytical Skills

Our VAs can envision, communicate, and solve simple and complex problems using critical thinking. Critical thinking is essential in making strong decisions that benefit your client and your team.

The ability to follow directions

Our clients are very busy which means they don't have the luxury of checking everyone's work and providing extensive training. Our successful VAs are those who require minimal supervision beyond initial instruction and ask for clarification only when necessary and after maximizing all available resources.

Call Center Experience

We require at least 1 year call center experience.