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March 15, 2019
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April 9, 2019

In our growing industry of Virtual Assistants in the Philippines, a lot of people are asking if they would be qualified to be part of it. Some may say that they don’t have the skills needed to be one and quit. To which I’d say, to make it in life, you must have the will to learn and a commitment t o your craft.

Being a VA would require you of different skills; admin tasks, data entry, appointment setting, creating ads and many more. But today, let’s talk about creating ads through social media and how can we make it effective.

Ad creation is an important part of growing a business and that’s one of the goals of our clients. That’s where VAs would be a great help of and here are some factors on how to make it effective:

  • You have to identify your Audience – you have to make sure that your product will be directed to the right people who would be interested in your product.
  • Set your Goals and select your theme – You have to set your goals of what would you like to achieve in creating this content/ad and how you want your ad to look.
  • Keep it simple and easy to understand – many people don’t want to go through lengthy stuff so make it short and simple yet easy to understand.
  • Show the Value – people usually see and remember ads/posts that would benefit them.
  • Include a Call To Action (CTA) – like what Natalia Bokhari said “You could have the world’s most beautiful ads, but if they don’t have a proper call to action, you’re seriously hurting your chances of getting clicks. Buttons are still not outdated – telling users what to do is key to securing action.” You should include an action that your audience can do to follow-up with your ad.
  • Optimize and Follow up – You have to make sure that your posts will be SEO friendly and you’ll be consistent in checking the analytics and follow-up posts to bring more traffic and interactions with your target viewers. 

Now, you may tell yourself that you can do these but just doesn’t know how. Well, you don’t have to worry because we can teach you how and even endorse you to people who need staff who can do this for them!


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Contributor: Jalia Palma

Reference: https://acsmediakit.org/blog/5-key-factors-to-consider-when-creating-your-display-ads/