Customer Service Representatives – Partners, Not Just Employees

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April 24, 2020
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June 17, 2020

“I have to call customer service”. Many of us had an interaction with customer service representatives regarding the product or services that a company offered. According to CMO, 47% of customers stop doing business with a brand because they frustrate them. When customers are unsatisfied, they would no longer buy or patronize the brand’s product or services. If that’s the case, there would be lower income for the company. Because of that, it is essential to cater to the needs of one’s customers and companies could do that if they have customer service representatives. Customer service representatives play a vital role in brand loyalty.

Generally, a customer service representative is the one who answers customer queries and provides a solution to their problems. However, it is not just about that. Even if a company has the best product in the market, customers will most likely to remember the quality of the support they receive and how they were treated. Being in the customer service industry not just involve skills and knowledge. You also have to consider the situation that your customers are in. You need to put yourself under their shoes for them to feel that you need what they’re going through. Building a human connection is one of the keys to providing excellent customer service. Who would want to talk to someone who doesn’t feel emotions right?


Most customer service representatives want to do the job and get paid, with no right motivation in doing so. As a customer service representative, you often miss the opportunity to see how important you are in the company. Yes, you need the company for gains, but you have to see it like this: the company needs you. Why? Because if there is no customer service representative, who would cater to the needs of the customers? And who would solve and troubleshoot their problems? Taking care of customers is a significant role. If customers are well taken cared of, they will stick to the company’s brand and may take advantage of its products and services.


In every business, it is believed that happy customer service employees, create happy customers; thus happy customers will refer others. This only means that a company who takes good care of their customer service employees gets more revenue because they tend to get more customers from word of mouth. It is proven that people react when they feel an intense emotion, this means if your customer is happy with your customer service they will spread the word to their family and friends, same goes when they’re frustrated. Here’s an article from HubSpot that explains more about why customer service is important in every business. 


Of course, customer service representatives should be efficient in handling customers. And for you to do that, you yourselves should be taken care of by the company. Engaging yourself in training will enhance your skills to be more efficient in the job, and it will also help you to have the right attitude for your role in handling customer relations. Your main goal should be in line with the brand. You are a big help to your company. Yes, you! That’s why they should treat you as a partner, not just an employee. It will help if you are treated that way because you contribute to the growth of the company.


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Contributors: Mara Cristina and Dannielle Palarca