Same heart.
Same Passion.


Herchelle Natividad
Business Advisor

I am passionate about my work. Because I love what I do, I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. As a business advisor, my job is to help grow the business by reaching out to prospective clients and offer the company's VA services. It is my responsibility to convert every contact to a successful lead and let them know the value and benefits of having a VA in helping them grow their business. Part of my job is to also ensure that clients find the right VA for them by profiling VA candidates based on their needs. Additionally, I help prepare VAs for client interviews so that they could potentially get hired by the clients regardless if they are just starting out or not. Being a business dvisor is very fulfilling because every successful sign-up means a job for a VA.

Michelle Cabatuan
Business Advisor

My experience and expertise in the field of real estate training and VA recruitment have equipped me with a better approach towards understanding the business needs of a client and effectively matching them with the right virtual assistant. As an advocate for the VAs, we help prepare them for the interviews with prospective clients; providing an insight into how they can effectively present their proposals and market their profile and technical expertise. As one of the Business Advisors of The VA Hub, I create a shared understanding and I value my role as a motivator and a valuable proponent in growing relationships and businesses.

Irene Do
Business Associate

Being in sales is a challenging yet rewarding career. I have pushed myself in levels I never knew I could achieve and I am so proud of myself for having able to overcome many challenges. I was never a sales person to begin with, but taking on this position has made me realize how important it is being in the frontline. This job enables me to help clients leverage their business by bringing a virtual assistant on to their team while at the same time being able to provide work to aspiring Filipino VAs. For me, being able to help out is what makes this job worth it . Apart from this, my newly discovered ability to have determination and consistency in building relationships and bridging gaps make me love and be proud of what I do even more.

Miguel Francisco
Sales Administrative Assistant

I’m organized and I really enjoy working with a wide variety of people to achieve a common goal efficiently and realistically. I support the team by finding people who would benefit the most from our services. I ensure that there is a steady flow of new leads so we keep moving forward and keep closing contracts. Through skip-tracing and proper research I do my best to make sure that the lead information we get are the most current and are active. This helps the sales team maximize their time and effort.