The next story we read here could be yours! Take a look at some of our exceptional VAs who have become indispensable assets to their clients.


Herchelle Natividad

Being a part of different industries developed her flexibility to easily adapt to changes, to learn fast, and to always think of ways on how to improve herself. Herchelle Natividad is new to working from home but that doesn’t mean she’s any less productive than the pros. She joined the company in 2017; reaching out to potential clients, engaging with them, handling objections, setting appointments, closing deals and delivering excellent results every time. "“I believe anyone who has the motivation and determination will succeed in this line of work. For most people, this is a fairly new experience for them, but if you are willing to embrace and accept the challenges then nothing can stop you."

Irene Do

Irene Do is a Business Associate, responsible for identifying and helping develop strategic relationships with partners or potential TVH clients. “I started with the help of my previous trainer, Ms. Mika, who previously taught me not to give up when things seem unattainable and unbearable. She believed in me and endorsed me to be part of this great company. I will always be grateful for her and for giving me this opportunity to contribute to the growth of this company.”

Paul Norman Nadela

Paul was a new virtual assistant when he joined The VA Hub just a few months ago. His background is in customer service and although he had no prior experience as a virtual assistant, the training he passed aided in his successful partnership with his client. He'd been very efficient in setting up back to back appointments for his client, keeping his client very busy that he had to ask Paul to slow down! His client had, since then, entrusted him with more and bigger responsibilities.

Charmaine Fortuna

Charmaine is another example of our VAs who didn't have experience working as a virtual Assistant but through her commitment and natural ability to ease into unfamiliar and complex roles, she'd been one of our top consistent performers since she was placed with her client. She'd been recognised as her client as an invaluable member of their team several times and she just keeps on growing and doing more!

Raquel Dy

An engineer by profession, Raquel didn't let her lack of experience in this industry faze her from getting where she wants to be. Her client recognizes her as an integral part of their company's production and has dubbed her the "go to reports" person in their team. Because of Raquel's efficiency, her client referred her to another client who also needed help with reports. Nothing can hold Raquel down from expanding her talent!

Ginno Suva

Another VA newbie, Ginno has shown enthusiasm in learning and asked all the right questions while in Training. His passion to be excellent even from the get-go and his dedication to constantly learn new things has already paid off even though he was placed with a client not too long ago. His client has shared with us how pleasant it has been working with Gino and how he has been an efficient researcher. His client trusts him enough to let Gino train him and their team with his research findings and leave the business in Gino's hands while they went on vacation!


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Geno Salcon

Geno has a solid background as a real estate virtual assistant. He is a skilled lead generation specialist and transaction coordinator. In his previous client assignment, the quality leads he generated ultimately became six closed transactions in just a short period of time!

Iris Tan

Iris is multifaceted virtual assistant who is skillful in Marketing, Design, and Real Estate Support. Her creativity allows her to effectively communicate a story, brand, and ideas. She is willing to try new things, comfortable taking advice from unexpected sources, and isn't afraid to try new technology.

Johanna Jogno

Johanna's work is very challenging and she finds it very fulfilling. She works 12 hours a day doing social media marketing, personal tasks, prospecting, lead generation, follow-ups, schedules, Transaction coordination and any other tasks that her clients need help with.

Jay Castillo

Jay worked as a Communications Trainer for a BPO company before he started a full-time career online. He is a trained lead generation specialist who is also a veteran in Customer Service. A big part of his success has to do with his team. “The TVH trainers and managers were very supportive and are willing to take some of their busy schedules to help you improve the skills you need for the interview. The training was fun and fast-paced which can be challenging for someone who has no experience in this type of work.”

Joanna Pelayo

Joanna worked different roles in the BPO industry for 8 years and thrived as an ESL instructor before she became a TVH VA. She now specializes in Transaction Coordination, Marketing, SEO, and other administrative tasks. “I was a newbie when I started. I saw the ad in an online group; I was an ESL instructor then. I said, why not try it out since I think I meet all the qualifications. And I’m really glad I did! TVH opened its door to another career opportunity for me."

Iya Rojas

Working from home helped Iya create better ties with her family. She now has more time to be with her son compared to when she had to work in an office. Iya is assigned to prepare and extract documents for her client when he’s on the field, create marketing materials, manage social media accounts, coordinate with vendors. Because of Iya, her clients is happy to recommend The VA Hub to his friends, colleagues and family.