The next story we read here could be yours! Take a look at some of our exceptional VAs who have become indispensable assets to their clients.


Jo Pascua

Jo is one of our seasoned virtual assistants who has been with us for two years. She has helped several clients and has also mastered her craft since. One of the highlights of Jo’s career as a VA is having been given the opportunity to learn about real estate in the US even from a distance. When asked about her key to success, Jo said, “Giving up is an alien phrase when one is at work. I suppose through years of working in a virtual office, I have learned to sense when a client is about to cut ties. I used to let go and move on to the next, but completing more than just the assigned tasks has made my clients realize that I have more to offer. Indeed, one gains more when one gives more.”

Cody Famador

Cody is one of our first VAs. Until now, him and his client believe that The VA Hub has been knowledgeable, professional and helpful from the first time we made contact. “..whenever I need guidance or assistance, may it skill or technically related, someone from The VA hub will always guide me and point me in the right direction.”

Daphne Botolan

Daphne’s been with her client for more than a year and has learned two important things from him - persistence and seizing every opportunity that comes. Carpe diem! Another takeaway she lives by is the importance of family. Daphne recalled, "Even if my client is very busy, he never fails to spend time with his family... and takes time to fetch his kids from school." Making time for the little things in life makes us happy people at work. Daphne admitted she was off to a rough start in her career as a virtual assistant. But through proper skills matching, she landed a client who leveraged her strengths and worked with her in overcoming barriers. She expressed, "I am grateful that Rico, my client, trusted me to be his VA. Every time he entrusts new tasks to me, it boosts my confidence."

Jag Ebarvia

A self-starter, Jag landed his first client as soon as he finished his Real Estate and Marketing Training almost a year ago. One of the best bits Jag learned from his client is “to be consistent with the quality of work I provide. Although it is not required, it is always ideal to go above and beyond our duties as a Virtual Assistant. I believe putting in that extra work can help solidify our part in becoming an invaluable asset to their companies.” Quoting Jim Rohn, Jag believes that “income seldom exceeds personal development.” The opportunity to work with his clients from the comfort of his own home has made him appreciate how practical working smart is rather than working hard. Jag adds, “Of course, working hard always pays off. It's just a manner of how it is being approached that would make it smarter. I also learned that investing in ourselves (career-wise, health-wise, etc.) is something that can help us develop skills that will ultimately make us successfully happy. Remember to always ‘treat yourself, not cheat yourself.’”

Trix Conception

Trix was hired by her clients immediately after acing her specialized Marketing training six months ago. She is privileged to work with her clients, Steve and Kevin, with whom she has built mutual trust and respect from day one. Trix tells us, “Trust is something that can not be easily established. I have learned the value of integrity as they have been patient and supportive, giving me room to grow and face new challenges. They have truly inspired me to achieve beyond my own capabilities. With that, I know for sure that I am capable of excelling and completing all my tasks precisely.” Trix is a full-time-work-from-home mom and a housewife to her growing family. Working for her clients made a huge difference in her personal life. “Before TVH, I worked abroad for almost a year thinking I would earn more in exchange for being away from my family. But working with TVH now, aside from my husband's financial support, I'm also able to provide well for my family without having to leave the country or spending most of my time away from them,” she recalls. Truly, one of the best gifts our clients have given us is the ability to sustain our family’s needs without having to miss a thing.

Kyla Abrenilla

Kyla has been a TVH virtual assistant for only ten months but has already immensely contributed to her clients’ marketing campaigns. For Kyla, “Communication is key. Working for a client ‘virtually’ is already a critical part of the job, so having effective and sustainable communication is vital.” When she started out, she wasn’t confident and vocal about her ideas. Thankfully, her clients helped her build her confidence and armed her with the right knowledge and skills to get where she needs to be. Kyla adds, “Your work will always be appreciated as long as you put your effort, heart and hard work to it. I was lucky to be working with clients who mentored and taught me things and tools that I need to learn to be an effective Virtual Assistant.” When asked about her client’s biggest influence on her, she said, “I am grateful to be working with a very passionate and driven client. She always comes up with great ideas and makes sure she does something to make them happen. I am always in awe at how she juggles responsibilities and how she manages to have time for leisure and family. That inspired me to work harder and go after things that I'm passionate about. That it's possible and manageable as long as you know how and what to prioritize.”

Deci Arevalo

Deci is one of the company’s breakthrough virtual assistants. She’s been a virtual assistant for only six months but has already proven her capabilities and is highly sought after by our clients. Deci recognizes that on the job, “you will always encounter challenges especially when you are just starting and still trying to figure things out. My client has taught me to focus on what matters which is honing my skills and not dwell too much on the difficulties. I tend to be too hard on myself, especially when I’m trying to deliver positive results. We are lifelong learners and we must always strive to improve.” Another important takeaway she lives by and learned from her client is investing in good health. “If you are not physically and mentally healthy, chances are you won’t be able to give 100% at work. Now, I invest in vitamins, researching meal preps and exercises. We tend to focus on learning new skills and investing in hardware but the most important asset we have is our body." Deci confesses. And she is right! You'd have a hard time getting things done even if your spirit is willing when your body is weak.

Khyla Solaiman

Khyla has been a virtual assistant since December 2018. She then landed her first two clients not long after completing her training. For Khyla, "it is important to be passionate about what you do and always do your best even when nobody's watching." She continues, “I think those who try the hardest to earn others’ attention rarely get it. Conversely, those who scorn the limelight are often the ones dodging the paparazzi. Of course, this isn’t always the case. I’ve found it to be undeniably accurate when I started to work from home. I convinced myself over time that this job is indeed for me. Something interesting happens when you make passion your chief pursuit - people start to notice. When I became passionate about work, at first, nobody seemed to care. But I kept at it, kept doing the best work I could no matter how many or few paid attention. Over time, people took notice because there is something attractive about passion. The release from pressure to perform gave me more confidence in what I do and made my job more interesting and fun.” Knowing your big “why” is another key point that Khyla learned from her clients. Khyla tells us, “a clear sense of purpose enables you to focus on what matters most and push forward regardless of the odds or obstacles. It may compel you to take on challenges that will stretch you as much as they inspire you. When you know your ‘why’, there is little you cannot do.”

Mhagie Mariano

Mhagie has been with The VA Hub as one of the top performing virtual assistants since November 2018. In the months that she’s been with her client, David, she has built an appreciation for open communication partnered with honesty and transparency in creating a harmonious business relationship. Her client has also made a huge difference in her personal life and career. Mhagie shares, “His appreciation of my contributions to his business affected me in many ways. I believe that it created an impact not just to me, but to everyone around me. I realized how important it is to express appreciation for it inspires other people to continue doing their best. I'd say it improved my professional and interpersonal skills.”

JV Echanes

Meet JV. This is his second year with The VA Hub and he looks forward to many more years with his clients. In the time he's been with his clients, the most valuable lesson he learned is Time Management. "I had to work myself out in this area and took time for me to master it. But it's worth it. These time management skills allow me to focus on completing tasks right on time," JV said. In addition to gaining Time Management skills, working for his clients here at The VA Hub also made a huge impact in his personal life. His clients' influence made him inspired and more focused on achieving his goals for his family. JV revealed, "I'm proud to say I've achieved a couple of them already. I was able to put up my own business last year and we're building our new home this year!"

Pam Garcia

Pam has been a TVH virtual assistant for 7 months now. In her involvement with a number of client projects, she has discerned that, “learning never stops.” Pam also recommends, “do not be afraid to ask questions. It is always better to seek clarification on processes and expected outcomes before tackling any task, just to be certain that you and your client are on the same page, and have the same understanding of things. This saves both of you a great deal of time and frustration.” Pam has also uncovered many things in her career as a virtual assistant. But the highlights are the discovery of skills and talents she never thought she had, and the fulfillment of what once was only a possibility of earning while enjoying. Lastly, Pam shares that this experience, “has made my life more fruitful and meaningful since I can now work and be with my family at the same time.”

Glenn Guillen

Glenn has been a virtual assistant since 2015. He has immersed himself mostly in prospecting roles even before joining The VA Hub. For Glenn, attention to detail is vital in sustaining his quality of work. He adds, “A single mistake can lead to a serious problem if you do not carefully follow the process. Going the extra mile and being passionate about your work will always be your bridge to success.” Working with different clients, Glenn has learned to be more confident in dealing with obstacles and how to resolve them. “As we work together as a team, they taught me how to become a team player and self-driven,” he continues.

Radience Perez

Radience has been with The VA Hub for six months now and she expresses, “I’m very blessed to be working with such amazing people. Becoming a Virtual Assistant made a significant difference in my life. As a solo parent, I can say that working from home is truly beneficial. It is the most convenient way of earning more while getting a chance to be with my child every day. Now, I can support my child independently. It has been a wonderful journey so far with The VA Hub and my clients and this is just the beginning. I'm really happy where I'm at, and I can't imagine going back to an office-based setting.” For Radience, the privilege of working with her clients, Jerry and Kevin, has taught her the significance of communication. Radience understands, “working remotely has its challenges and the main ingredient in establishing a smooth working relationship with my clients is to keep them well informed about what's going on.” She constantly reaches out to them, asks relevant questions, and shares her insights and suggestions. She is also proactive in offering solutions. She continues to say, “It's a good practice to touch base with your client regularly and I'm glad that my clients are willing to spare a few minutes out of their busy schedule to listen and to mentor me.” In Radience’s experience, she has learned, “success is not obtained overnight. It takes time, involves passion, hard work, and dedication. I see these qualities in the people that I'm working with and they inspire me to become successful like them. Every day at work is a learning experience and with all the things I've learned, I know that I can get there someday. As Theodore Roosevelt said: ‘Believe you can and you're halfway there.’”

Jeff Quiñoneza

Jeff is a self-starter who has only been with his clients for three months but has already contributed a great deal to their business. Learning about his client's story has inspired Jeff to do his best. Through years of continuous growth, hard work, and fearless resilience, they were able to take their business where they need it to be. That influence from their experience has resonated in Jeff’s work. He accounts, “they did not stay in their comfort zone. My biggest take away from them is that when I continue striving for excellence and work hard, I don't need to run around chasing success, success will come chasing me.” For him, “arriving at a place of realization that consistent hard work, patience, and an unwavering determination to be better is the key to success.” He believes, "Dreams don't work unless you do.” “Working for Laura & Sally is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my career,” Jeff shares. “Trusting me to handle the job at hand, relying on me to make decisions accordingly, and seeing my potential made a tremendous impact on my confidence and morale as a professional. To Laura & Sally, I am forever grateful that you believe in me and in what I do, for your outpouring support in helping me reach not only my highest potential but also to reach my goals and aspirations.”

Angela Bernardino

Angela has been with The VA Hub for 5 months and is already one of the most in-demand virtual assistants. Angela’s clients influenced her to strive for continuous improvement. “We have to be better than who we were yesterday. We have to remain positive, passionate, and to always try to deliver more than expected. Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better.” Becoming a virtual assistant has made a huge change in Angela’s life. She tells us, “aside from working in the comfort of my home and being compensated rightfully, I have realized that happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, growth and work-life balance.”