A Greenthumb’s Journey

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March 16, 2021
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A Greenthumb’s Journey

The increased interest in gardening is a way to battle weariness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown in many areas provided many individuals the opportunity and time to build a garden they desire. It was a great chance for some parents to introduce gardening to their children and be productive as well.


However, in urban areas, although they had difficulties in growing some plants because of limited spaces it did not stop them from pursuing their passion. Some had grown either vegetable crops or ornamental plants, while others decided to grow both.


Ornamental plants are the type of plants that are grown for decorative purposes. It is classified into non-flowering and flowering plants. The main purpose of people growing these kinds of plants is for decorating indoor or outdoor, create an aesthetic look to space and increase the mood of an area. Building a pleasing and calm surrounding helps people to concentrate and do well in every activity that they undertake. For some, they consider health benefits that they can get out of plants which include filtering the air and improves the levels of oxygen present in the air. Having a high level of oxygen in an area helps reduce stress and breathing difficulties thus gives better health. 


On the other hand, growing vegetables at home provide a lot of benefits to a family. According to studies, 60% of the household budget spent on food and snack meals. Being able to produce vegetables will help to reduce the cost spent on food, and the amount that will be saved can be utilized for other household expenses. It also gives an assurance that the family will consume fresh and quality vegetables harvested from their garden. Aside from this, gardening is a good way to exercise for some people, by lifting containers, digging the soil, watering the plant, and going back and forth just to check them.


Whatever kind of plants we grow, the most valuable thing they teach us is how we make the most of our time being productive and ease the worries we are facing because of what the pandemic has brought to us. Have you acquired a lot of plants during the pandemic and afraid that you might fail to take care of them?


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Contributor: Elena Olivar